Canada Phone Suite PBX

PhoneSuite® is right for you if you want a hospitality phone system that is loved by guests and staff because it:

  • Is designed specifically for hotel/motel use
  • Offers easy-to-use, one-touch hotel function keys on the console
  • Requires little training for new front desk staff to become proficient
  • Features automated attendant, voice mail, and call accounting with inexpensive plug-n-play add-on cards.

Compare Features

Use this chart to find out which PhoneSuite® model best meets your needs:

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Use this chart to find out which PhoneSuite® model best meets your needs:

Requirement PS 64 PS 112e
I want to offer my guests voice mail
I want to give my guests the option to either set their own wake up call or have the front desk do it.
When things get busy at the front desk, or at night, I'd like an auto attendant to answer.
I need call accounting with credit limit and auto shut off.
My Property Management System (PMS) needs "costed-call" data from the telephone system for posting to guest folios.
The franchise requires answer detection for billing accuracy.  
My property is serviced by a T1 trunk line.  
My PMS system can connect to the telephone system and check guests in and out.  
I have more than sixty rooms.  
My franchise requires two lines per room. If the first is in use, the second will ring.  
My administrative users need to answer calls ringing on other extensions and have access to single-button features like Hold, Do Not Disturb, Transfer, and Redial.  
My franchise requires an auto attendant option that will transfer callers to a toll-free registration number.  
I want my staff to be able to use the PhoneSuite Touch Screen Console.  
My franchise requires entry of both room number and guest name to the auto attendant to prevent nuisance calls.  

Compare the features of the PhoneSuite 64 and the PhoneSuite 112e:

Feature PS 64 PS 112e
Answer detection No Yes
Automatic Route Selection table entries 32 250
Maximum number of consoles 1 2
Touch Screen Console No Yes
Extension cloning (2 lines per room) No Yes
Maximum number of extensions 64 495
Number of extension digits 2 or 3 3 or 4
PMS control interface (serial port) No Yes
Hunt groups, number/size 32/8 16/14
Power consumption per cabinet 35 watts 55 watts
Serial ports 1 2
System speed dials 10 10
T1 trunk card and DID, DNIS support No Yes
Max trunks per trunk group 16 32
Maximum analog (FXO) trunk ports 16 48
Voice mail 2 4
Feature Phones supported No 16

Both models provide these standard features:

All PhoneSuite models
Message lamp control If all trunks are busy a 911 call will take priority and interrupt a call in progress to obtain access
Music on hold port Paging support
All programming non-volatile Parallel printer port
Call credit limits with auto shut off and alarm (optional) Per-room call restrictions: long-distance, local, room-to-room
Call accounting, 1000 or 2500 record (optional) PMS interface via DTMF to extension port
Call accounting, PMS interface (optional) Remote programming and configuration by technician
Call pickup groups Restrict transfer of inbound toll-free calls to guest rooms
Defined actions on check-in and check-out affecting voice mail and wake settings Room status codes
3-way conference calls Sub attendant extensions
Console co-ring extensions for internal calls Trunk answer from any station (TAFAS)
Separate night mode console co-ring extensions list for internal calls Console co-ring extension list for incoming outside calls
Do not disturb setting for extension Trunk night stations (up to 3)
Do not disturb Wake-up call with voice greeting
Either guest or console may set wake-up calls Call detail records (CDR/SMDR) via serial port