Your hotel's front desk phone system is the operational hub of your business. Our communication solutions are designed to work as standalone systems, or they may be bundled with one of our optional integrated applications to eliminate the need for third-party products, simplifying your equipment needs

Call Accounting

  • ● Set credit limits, track and post costs, and store call records to your PMS automatically at checkout.
  • ● Ensure guests are billed for completed calls, not busy or no-answer attempts with the answer-detection system.
  • ● Customizable rate tables assure that you bill all long distance calls.


  • ● Automatically clear previous guests' messages on check-in or checkout.
  • ● Automatically manage activation of message-waiting lamp.
  • ● Tailor your guests' wake-up calls with a professional message specific to them.
  • ● Perfect and inexpensive tool to reach all of your guests with broadcast system to notify them of special offers and amenities.

Auto Attendant

  • ● Reduce your staffing costs and improve your image with 24/7 unattended call answering
  • ● Allow callers to reach guests directly without front desk intervention.
  • ● Reduce nuisance calls with guest name verification (112e only).
  • ● Provide option to transfer to central reservation office.
  • ● Play recorded information, such as directions or special announcements.

Call Extend

  • ● Dual port automated attendant that answers incoming phone calls.
  • ● Plays a user-recorded greeting.
  • ● Lets callers transfer their call to an extension, a department, or a second menu.
  • ● Doubles as a digital voice announcer for applications that need to play a message and then drop out of the call.
  • ● Easy to install and use and costs hundreds of dollars less than its competitors.

Fax LineShare

  • ● Telephone line-sharing device that is available in two and three port models.
  • ● Allows users to share a single phone line with voice & fax equipment or with voice, fax, & modem equipment.
  • ● Automatically routes incoming calls to the correct device by detecting fax tone, reverse modem tone, or transfer codes on the phone line.

*All of these applications are included with the Voiceware solution, for no additional cost.