Touchscreen Console

Whether you own or manage a hotel, you know that service today means ensuring fast and effective guest interactions - so how do you increase your customer satisfaction and keep your guest coming back?

One Touch. One Screen. Easy Access.

Touchscreens are becoming one of the most efficient interactive user interfaces today offering reliable, cost-effective solutions for business. PhoneSuite is proud to be the first to design a Touchscreen Phone Console exclusively for the hospitality industry—while still offering the integrated features that make PhoneSuite unique.

How it Works

With a simple touch of the screen, front desk staff can quickly and efficiently set check in/out times, wake up calls, voice mail, credit limits and transfer calls — instantly bringing up crucial information while efficiently improving customer service. In just minutes, employees can be trained to use this visual touch screen — and its sleek style will provide a touch of elegance to any front desk.


● Improve Customer Service Eliminate errors with real-time, efficient data entry.

● Increase Efficiency Access and view guest information from one screen; interfaces with your PMS software.

● Handle Calls Professionally Greet your guests by name with on-screen display.

● Remove Printed Status Reports View key billing information on screen.

● Reduce Transaction Times Simple touch of the screen with user-friendly interface.

● Eliminate Costly Mistakes Only valid options are presented to your staff.

● Space saving compact design No need for mouse, key pad, or bulky console